• 712 Rittiman Rd

    Terrell Hills, TX

Setting the Tone.  First Impressions are huge!

The first thing that you notice when arriving to this San Antonio home is that it is located relatively close to the freeway, giving you quick access to different parts of San Antonio.  It has a large front yard and is perched up on an incline, which makes the front exterior (see above) extremely photogenic.

When entering the home, it’s clear that this home has been recently renovated.  The modern fixtures really tie the wood floor and staging furniture together well.  First things first, we want to be sure and capture the view when first entering the house.  This is what we call the “first impression” shot, as it sets the tone for the rest of the tour.

The Kitchen Made My Job Easy.

The countertops, the back splash, the cabinets.  This kitchen is on of the nicest and easiest to photograph that you’ll ever see.  Lucky for us, white is extremely popular right now.  In order to get stunning photos (left), all I need to do is set my “White Balance” feature to “AWB” (Auto) and let my camera do all the work.

Additionally, the teal back door in the far background adds a little color to this image.  Lina and her staff did an excellent job staging this kitchen!

Spa Showers Are Trending.

Another extremely easy subject.  The light colors mix well with the white walls and countertops.  The shower is a modern “spa style” walk-in, which we are seeing so much of in newly built and newly renovated homes.  I am personally a huge fan of this!

Notice how the stagers included two plants, one on the counter top and one on top of the toilet.  These may seem like a small and meaningless addition.  However, the small amount of color contrast between the plants and the remainder of the photo is important to “bring the photo to life” if you will.  Without it, this photo may look a little dull.