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How Your Real Estate Photographer Makes You Money

For a real estate agent in today’s internet age, a strong online presence is necessary to attract new business, quickly sell the homes you list, and get the most bang for your client’s buck. While it’s fundamentally important for every agent to keep their clients happy, an added bonus is that good experiences equal good referrals.  Good referrals equals more business and on the snowball rolls down the mountain.

Three Benefits of A Good Real Estate Photographer

Sell For More

Statistics show that home listings that feature high quality photos sell for an average of $11,000 more than home listings in which the real estate agent captured them with a cell phone.  Are you willing to leave this type of money on the table for your clients?  Are you willing to leave 3% of this amount out of your pocket?  We didn’t think so.

Word of Mouth From Sellers

Hiring a professional real estate photographer not only helps sell your client’s home faster.  It also will show sellers that you mean business.  In a recent survey, 98% of homebuyers said photos were the most useful tool when searching online for homes.  This means the photos of your client’s home will set the standard for whether or not the buyer will be interested.

Build Your Online Presence

It’s extremely short sighted to believe that the sole purpose of working with a real estate photographer is to sell the home being photographed.  Real Estate Photography goes so much further than this!  Once you receive these images, you can use them for your own online marketing purposes.  Additionally, an agent could use a tool like Canva to create branding to promote their business.  The possibilities are endless.

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