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Virtual reality for real estate was beginning to experience a higher level of participation among residential real estate agents, construction companies, and even commercial real estate agents.  Enter COVID-19 and everything has changed.  Is virtual reality a new reality for real estate or will this trend pass?

I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that everyone on the planet has been personally effected by COVID-19.  Let’s face it, this is not the same world you once knew in 2019.  All it takes to recognize this leaving your home.  In society you now see people wearing COVID-19 protective masks and going out of their way to stay at least six feet away from each other.

What does that mean for real estate?  The traditional act of having strangers in and out of your home for showings is no longer just annoying, it has become worrisome.  Enter Matterport, a virtual reality tool that can generate a virtual floor plan of any space.  These Matterport tours are completely interactive, immersive, and give the viewer the sensation of walking through the space as if they were there.  Each captured vantage point allows for a 360 degree panorama view and allows the viewer to manuever back and forth to the different vantage points.

A Matterport tour captured in Austin by Boko Media

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Why Matterport Makes Sense in 2020

How This Helps Your Business

The combination of COVID-19 with advances in virtual realty technology over the years has accelerated the inevitable.  By booking a Matterport 3D Tour appointment with Boko Media, you are keeping your clients safe by promoting social distancing and reducing the number of in home showings.  Whether we as a society liked it or not, all businesses were quickly forced to come up with solutions to keep operations going.  With Matterport, you can do this and then some.

Ok, I’m sold. How Do I Schedule?

Boko Media’s scheduling system is very user friendly.  The content packages are narrowed down to two base packages.  From there, customers can customize a content package virtually any way they want.  When using the booking form, customers are first prompted to choose between a Matterport 3D Tour and HDR Photography (there may also be an option for a seasonal specials).  Both packages are $149 and customers are not required to add on any additional service, meaning they can schedule both services a la carte. The one difference is that each base service provides a slightly different set of add on services.

How Do I Prepare For The Appointment?

There is also a section in Boko Media’s webpage that gives tips on how to prepare for the appointment.  It’s important to read this to ensure that the home is staged well, thus allowing for the best possible outcome.  It’s important to keep in mind that staging is 50% of the battle.

Do I Need To Schedule An Appointment For Each Service?

No!  Boko Media’s talented service technicians are all armed and trained to capture any service offered.  Because of this, customers can schedule all services together in one comprehensive appointment, saving time and saving their clients the headache.

How Long Does It Make To Get The Content?

For the majority of the services Boko Media provides, the content is guaranteed to be delivered before 5PM the following day.  There are a few different services that take additional time.  Among those are video production services and Matterport’s black and white floor plan.  Additionally, customers can add “Same Day Delivery” for $75 if they schedule a morning appointment.

In conclusion, the rise in popularity of Matterport is not the least bit surprising.  These days we do almost everything, from going to church to purchasing a home, virtually.  In a time when both personal hygiene and convenience are highly valued, Matterport makes sense in 2020.